System Requirements

Setup & Network Configuration Checklist for

This checklist was designed in an effort to ensure that the target environment will successfully implement the features for Please make sure that all of the following items are installed and configured properly on each computer/workstation you use prior to test taking.

Please Review the following items

Broadband connection (2mb/s download and 1.5mb/s upload speeds or higher recommended) Test your Internet connection speed: Speed Test (Click "Begin Test" do not click "Start Now". If you see a "Start Now" button, just ignore it; it is an advertisement)

Computer with at least 2GB of RAM (dual core processor or better and 4GB of RAM or more strongly recommended).

Please white-list the following domains and IP addresses: and

Audio/Video Equipment

Wired internet connection (WiFi is not recommended)

Plug-Ins, Add-Ins and applications:

Adobe Flash Player (most recent version): Windows OR Macintosh Click here to validate your flash installation.

Supported Web Browsers:

Google Chrome (Strongly Recommended)
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9 or later (IE7/8 are NOT fully supported)
Mozilla Firefox (Strongly Recommended)
Safari 4.x or later

What's next?

After you have setup your computer and watched the sample video above you can access your tests and/or coursework by clicking the 'My Account' button located at the top of the takingmytest homepage:

If not currently registered, then you will need to create your username and password for the test and/or course. You can use any email and password, but it is highly suggested to use the same email and password for the course you are registering for. Click here to register

If you have any trouble getting your computer setup, need general technical support, or just have questions about the course, please send an email to